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Say hello to the paper that truly grows.

This eco friendly paper is genius as it is fully biodegradable and when planted it grows into something beautiful!

This paper is made from post-consumer materials, like old birthday cards, leaflets and flyers, so no longer will these items go to waste. The best feature of this paper are the seeds! Yes thats…we said seeds, when this paper is made selected seeds are added in the process, which means this paper will grow once planted.

This paper is an off white colour, with a thickness of 280gsm about as thick as a postcard, meaning its great for many things like wedding invites, flyers, greeting cards and business cards.

Great tip – Why don’t you include planting instructions on your artwork or maybe information of what the paper is made from.

All wild flowers UK Native Origin and UK produced – Not imported or exported so no phytosanitary registration or certification required.

Still want to know a little more, then check out below, these are some common questions..

What do the seeds grow into you say?

We offer this paper with two seed options, herb or wildflower, we have broken down whats in each below:

Herb – Thyme, Dill, Rocket and Basil.

Wildflower – Birdsfoot trefoil, black knapweed, black medick, meadow buttercup, musk mallow, ox-eye daisy, ribwort plantain, red campion, salad burnet, self heal, white campion, yarrow. **Growing period May – Oct, flower colours range from yellow, purple, pink, white and red

How do the seeds affect my artwork once?

It is good to think about the seeds when designing your artwork as the seeds are raised, this will affect the way the artwork is printed. It does give that earthy nature feel, which can truly make add to your design.

A handy hint, we would advise against using a thin or small font are this would be quite hard to read once printed.

Something to keep in mind is, as the seeds do give the paper an uneven texture it can jiggle about meaning the print will not be 100% regimented.

Each print will be unique, just like Mother Nature herself.

Finally, the ultimate questions…How do I plant the paper?

Simply moisten the paper and place in a pot with soil, ensure there is only about couple of mm of soil on top of the paper, slightly compress but not too much as the little seeds need to grow up.

If you plant the paper correctly and in the right season, you will see your seedlings start to sprout after 10 days. Woooooo….

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