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Say hello to our seeded paper…

Firstly if you’re new to Hatch, welcome and thank you for visiting. Now lets get down to the reason you’re here, our seeded paper.

We are very proud of our seeded paper range, we introduced it back in 2018 and it really has blossomed 😉 we like a pun here at Hatch. On a serious note this paper is truly genius, let go over a few key points to show you why:

👉This paper is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled materials, it really does hold the gold medal in being kind to our environment.
👉When the paper is made a range of seeds are thrown into the mix, meaning not only does it add to the aesthetics of the paper but it will grow into a range of flowers or herbs.
👉Lastly and most importantly we are very proud to say with our experience and knowledge of the paper we have a top secret way to print anything from solid colour to light coverage without cooking the seeds, so whatever your printed product let us reassure you this will germinate just like any seed from a packet.

So, now you know a about the product let us tell how you can use it, you can create anything from seeded business card, name cards to invites or even greeting cards the options really are endless.

Don’t see a product on our website that you’re wanting create, oh don’t worry we have a bespoke team here who are happy to bring your creation to life.

Check out some of our customers images below ⬇

So you have officially shared me, used me, now you can plant me and watch me grow. Let me show you how, go grab a planting pot, some soil, a watering can and most importantly your seeded product.

  1. Grab your pot and fill it three quarters of the way with soil. *top tip – ensure your planting pot has a drainage hole.
  2. Soak your seeded paper in room temperature water, place into your pot and cover with a thin coating of soil. * top tip – the seeded paper will only need a quick soaking, we don’t want to make papier-mâché.
  3. Now place in a nice warm sunny spot, water your paper daily for the first week until your seedlings start to appear, it is very important for the paper not to dry out as this will stop the germination of the seedlings. *top tip – keep the soil moist, make sure it does not dry out like the Sahara or become a mini swimming pool.
  4. Now sit back and watch your seedlings grow into a mini garden and don’t forget to water regularly.

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